Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mad Women

We have been waiting in anticipation for the return of one of our favorite shows, Mad Men.  The parties, the clothes, and the men are just some of the reasons why we love this show so much.  To celebrate season five's premiere we wanted to honor some of our favorite ladies with a afternoon drink and snack they would serve to any one of their husbands.  

We prepared a French Onion Dip, which was served in a vintage glass bowl we found in a local thrift shop.    Along side the dip we served Utz Potato Chips, who happens to be one of Sterling Cooper's biggest clients.  The drink of choice is a Whiskey Sour that was adorned with a fresh orange slice and maraschino cherries. 

Cheers to Betty, Peggy, Joan, Trudy, and Sally!

Sugar Suggestion: To make these classic drinks more modern use these ice ball molds.  You can find them here at Perpetual Kid.

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