Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sound the Octo-Alert!

Octonauts?  What are Octonauts?  Well they are creatures in one of the Disney Channel's newest children's shows The Octonauts.  These undersea creatures travel the ocean looking for lots of adventure on their Octopod.  We had to do some research on this party theme, but once we learned more we had a great time planning Owen's 3rd Birthday.

We wanted to transform the party space to make the guests feel that they were under the sea.  We decorated the space with lots of blue lanterns, streamers, and bubbles.  We also purchased a great assortment of paper goods from Party Pieces.  Octonauts started in the UK and just recently came to the US so we knew this site would have great party supplies.  

For the birthday boy we also customized a wall with fish nets, his name, some clamshell lights, and had all the tiny guests add foam sea creatures.   

We know the Octonauts don't have a lot of sweets under water, but we made a cake fit for Captain Barnacle!  Besides the cake we also made adorable and delicious sea shell cookies, with a pearl inside.  And for those who don't like cake, we had Coral Rock Candy and Octo-Pops!

The most exciting thing we made for this party had to be the Gup A Piñata!  This was the first time we've made a piñata and it was huge hit.  The Gup A is what the Octonauts travel in when they are out searching for adventure.  Lucky for our guests, ours was filled with candy and treats.

Happy 3rd Birthday Owen!

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  1. How lucky is Owen to have Sugar and Bows as his birthday party planner! Too fun!